When do Insurance Limits Reset?

When do Insurance Limits Reset?

Insurance can be an amazing help when seeing a healthcare provider. Health insurance is helpful when you have an unexpected doctor visit. They’ll typically even cover things like dental, optical, and chiropractic visits. However, there may be a limited number of times your insurance will cover extra visits to healthcare providers. What are these insurance limits? And when do insurance limits reset?

What are Insurance Limits?

An annual insurance limit is the total amount you can claim for extra healthcare visits. Things like dental, optical, and chiropractic all fall under the annual insurance limit. Insurance providers typically have the annual limit as either a monetary amount or a number of visits you can have in a year. The latter is known as a service limit. The higher level of coverage you have typically gives you a higher annual limit you can claim from. You calculate the annual limit per person, per calendar year. So, every year you have a certain number of claims you can make, limited by visits or cost.

When do Insurance Limits Reset?

Knowing when your insurance limits reset is very important. If you use up your annual insurance limit too early in the year, you may be waiting a long time before your insurance will pay for any extra visits. Each insurance provider has a different timeline for when your insurance limits reset. The time when insurance limits reset can also vary by what type of plan you have. Most providers use a calendar year as a measurement, resetting limits on January first. The month can vary between providers, but there’s also something known as a “plan year.” Some coverage has the limits reset when your coverage renews.

How do you Check Annual Limits?

The best way to check your annual limit is to contact your insurance provider for chiropractic treatments. Many providers have a way to check on their website or mobile app. However, if you need help you can always just give them a call. Make sure to keep track of your annual insurance limits. That way you’ll be aware when you reach your insurance limit.  If you need help determining your coverage, feel free to contact our front desk and we can help!


Annual insurance limits are a way for your insurance to limit how many times you can see extra healthcare providers in a year. It’s tracked either by visit or by monetary value. The annual limits usually reset on January first; however, it can vary between insurance providers. Make sure to check your insurance provider for how close you are to your annual limit. Also, check for when the limit resets.

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