Trusted by the Front Range community for over 28 years

BEST OF THE WEST - Winner, Chiropractic services 7 TIMES!

“Ask anyone (women especially) in the area: Dr. Dave has the best hands in the region. He melts patients with deep tissue massage following an adjustment. He’s laid back in his approach and stresses muscle development to fend off back problems before they start. And did we mention his hands?”


Dr. Carl M. Boulder, CO

“I have been going to the Chiropractic Center of Erie for over a year and have been a patient of Dr. Dave Ehrmantraut, D.C. who is treating me for two herniated cervical discs and some lower back issues.  Dr. Dave and his staff are caring, friendly, providing the latest in chiropractic techniques and quality person-centered care.  Prior to coming to the Chiropractic Center of Erie, I experienced a significant amount of pain and discomfort, having to take pain medication daily.  In just a few visits, the team of Dr. Dave and Summer (his massage therapist) enabled me to perform my daily responsibilities virtually free of pain and discomfort.  He showed me some exercises for my neck and back that were most helpful in my healing process as well as to prevent further injury.  I no longer have to take pain medication on a regular basis.

Dr. Dave tailors the care to meet one’s condition and strives to be flexible should a person not be able to keep your regularly a scheduled appointment.  The Chiropractic Center’s fees are quite reasonable and competitive given the fact that Dr. Dave not only does basic chiropractic adjustments but provides much more in chiropractic treatment resulting in excellent holistic care. Dr. Dave is so popular that other members of my family also go to Dr. Dave for chiropractic care.  For these reasons, I highly recommend the Chiropractic Center of Erie if you are in pain and need assistance.”

Nicole Z
“Summer is amazing. I truly enjoy how she can always find the sore spot, make it feel better and then give me tips on how to prevent that spot from continuing to be a problem. My whole family thinks the Chiropractic Center of Erie is wonderful.”
Bob L of Dacono
“After a minor accident, I had ongoing back pain and my primary care doctor recommended physical therapy. I had one hour of PT twice a week for three months with limited results. Dr. Dave’s alignment and massage provided significant relief after each of seven treatments and ongoing in the months since those treatments.”
Elaine V. - Boulder, CO

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Dave’s since 1996. He has always been one of the most professional, caring, and considerate Doctors I have ever known. When Dr. Dave relocated from Boulder to Erie, I still worked close enough to visit him on a regular basis. However, when my job moved to Denver, I decided I couldn’t take the time off from work to make the drive to Erie and changed chiropractors. Boy, was that a mistake! Now I make sure I have the time to take off from my job in order to make the drive to Erie.

Dr. Dave and his licensed therapist, have always treated me with respect and confidence. No matter how bad I feel when I walk into the office, whether it is physically or emotionally, their kind and gentle treatment help me feel better, walk taller, and smile lighter.”

Sally W. Age 38 Erie, CO

“I’ve had horrible seasonal allergies all of my life, this is the first year in many, many years I haven’t been miserable! Everyone else seems to be, but not me! “

Lori Baker
“Summer is fantastic. I came to her for a massage after I had shoulder surgery. What a benefit to me in my recovery. It has been almost 6 months since the surgery and I enjoy coming to her for not only my shoulder but for the wonderful massage experience. Summer is kind and tentative to my massage needs.”
Kathy R. Age 55 Boulder CO

“Being a nurse, I had a professional skeptical bias against the chiropractic field and profession. Now I just wish I had come much earlier in my life because I feel so good in general. The full treatment – alignment, electrostimulation and massage – has impacted my overall sense of relaxation and well-being. “

Jerome ``Eric`` Kramer
“I have used Dr Dave for the past 20 years and even though he is a 45 min drive away, he is totally worth it. I have tried other chiropractic centers closer to me, friend recomended, and I usually have to go back to Dr Dave to have him fix me. I trust him and I know that he will put me straight when I hurt myself.”