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Can Chiropractic Services Relieve my Back Pain?

Back Pain Chiropractic Treatment

Back pain is the primary reason patients seek out our chiropractic office, although we do treat a wide varieties of conditions such as headaches, tendonitis, bursitis, shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, wrists, ankles…well, you get the idea.

The spine is made up of 26 segments, called vertebra, in the adult.  These segments articulate or connect together and allow just about any range of motion (within reason) of your spine and body.  We can bend, twist, extend, tilt and many other movements in between.  Problems arise in the spine when these bones become misaligned, stuck or fixated.  A misalignment of 1/23 of an inch can result in nerve compression and, of course, can cause pain in the joint and of the bone due to irritation.  Most people think of pain when there is a pinch on the nerve.  This is not necessarily the case as there are many functions to a single nerve branch.  Yes, there are the pain fibers but there are many other functions; contraction of muscle, reflexes, sensations of all sorts, organ function, ability to heal an injury and the list goes on and on.  We are built in an amazing way!  Irritated or pinched nerves can result in a lower functioning nerve which may result in a plethora of maladies.  These compressed nerves will can any function served by this nerve that is compromised; reflex, sensation (too much or little), organ function, muscle strength or weakness all the way to atrophy or loss of muscle size, etc.  In fact, nerves control every function in your body from breathing to your heartbeat, to the ability to lift a weight to digest a peach.  My anatomy instructor made me realize that if you removed every other tissue from the body besides nerve tissue, you’d still be able to recognize the person because every cell in the body must have its own nerve supply to live!!!  Just think about it, some studies estimate that each of us is made of over 100 trillion cells!!!

This is where chiropractic comes in.  As we assess and diagnose your problems, the spine is just the first step.  There are Orthopedic Tests which help us differentially diagnose whether it is sprain, strain, disc and so on.  We continue with neurologic testing to determine whether the nerves are involved through procedures such as testing reflexes, sensation and strength.  Each individual joint in your spine is also evaluated as we assess normal position and movement of the joints.  If there isn’t normal movement of the joint, there will initially be irritation to that joint and, eventually, there will result in wear and tear or arthritis of the joint complex.  This process can be shown within 7 years on x-ray.  Think of what happens when the tires of your car are out of alignment; it results in a faster wear and tear of the tires.  Tires can be replaced.  The same process occurs in the spine.  So far, spinal segments can’t be replaced.

Let’s take care of what we have.

In our office we treat the spine, initially, in a 3 Phase Approach.

  1. Adjustment and correction of the misaligned or restricted segment.
  2. Therapy that is aimed at balancing and normalizing the nerve signal.
  3. Muscle and soft tissue techniques aimed at balancing the tissue around the problem area to aid in helping the correction of the segments to hold their alignment.

We provide other treatments as required;  Traction to help rehydrate discs that are wearing out and shrinking; Laser to help inflamed areas heal; Stretches and Exercises to aid in holding time and stability of the corrected areas; Cupping to help draw swelling and inflammation out of a trouble area…

This should give you a basic idea as to what to expect from a structurally minded Doctor of Chiropractic as you seek answers to your questions.  That being said, feel free to contact our office with any further questions you may have.

In good health.



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