Should I See a Chiropractor Before or After a Planned Workout?

Should I See a Chiropractor Before or After a Planned Workout?

Exercising is how most people stay fit and healthy. But have you thought about pairing exercise with chiropractic? Chiropractic helps your body move properly and can help prevent and relieve pain. They’re a perfect pair! However, eventually, you’ll need to exercise and see your chiropractor on the same day. When that day comes you may be asking “Should I see a chiropractor before or after a planned workout?” Luckily, the Chiropractic Center of Erie and Chiropractic Center of Longmont have put together all the information you’ll need to know when to work out and get yourself a chiropractic adjustment.

Why Would I Get an Adjustment Before a Planned Workout?

The first option is to get your chiropractic adjustment before you go exercise. After your adjustment, your body will be moving properly, your nervous system will be functioning better as misalignments can compress and pinch the nerves and your muscles will be looser. This can lead to a better workout (as stated in many, many studies), as you’ll be utilizing your body at its best. Working out after an adjustment can help you prevent damaging your muscles. Some people even think that the best workouts happen after an adjustment since your body is firing on all cylinders. However, it can also undo the entire adjustment by the time you’re done exercising.

Why Would I Get an Adjustment After a Planned Workout?

Getting an adjustment after your workout can do many things for you as well. The adjustment will help your body unwind after the workout. Your muscles will be recovering at the same time as your spine and nervous system. Some trainers and chiropractors agree that exercise should come before the adjustment, as removing the tension from your muscles may be dangerous. Too much muscular relaxation paired with explosive and/or heavy exercise can result in injury.


Should you see a chiropractor before or after a planned workout? Well, it depends. Before the workout, an adjustment will loosen up your body make sure it’s moving right, and ensure that the nervous system is firing at its best. This can allow for a larger range of motion, better accuracy, and a better overall workout. However, you may also lose the benefits of the adjustment if a large range of motion activities pull segments back out of alignment. On the flip side, getting adjusted after a workout will cause your entire body to recover at the same time. It may also help you prevent injury at the gym. Your best bet is to talk to your chiropractor and get their opinion on the matter and according to your sport, as they’ll be able to advise you based on your body and exercise routine.

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