Sciatica Pain Relief

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According to Mayo Clinic, Sciatica refers to pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, which branches from your lower back, through your hips and buttocks, and down each leg. The Chiropractic Center of Erie and Chiropractic Center of Longmont understand that sciatica pain relief changes patients’ lives. Patients suffering from sciatic nerve pain often deal with leg pain, tingling or burning in the legs, numbness, loss of strength, mobility issues, and more. As expert chiropractors in Erie Longmont and the surrounding areas, we regularly treat patients with sciatica with our award-winning treatment process.


Sciatica pain relief can be particularly hard to find for many people simply because it often goes undiagnosed for long periods of time. Many people disregard the pain and numbness entirely or chalk it up to other issues without getting to the root of the problem. Lumbar herniated discs represent the largest percentage of sciatica cases in the United States. This happens when the herniated disc compresses nerve roots within the spine. This can be complicated by misaligned vertebra which closes down the openings where the nerves pass from the cord into the body. Other causes of sciatic nerve pain include degeneration, spinal stenosis, and spondylolisthesis. A skilled chiropractor can provide sciatica pain relief in all of these situations and help the body heal naturally with a treatment plan.


Provide Proper Diagnosis of Sciatica

As always, the first step to solving a problem is correctly identifying the problem in the first place. Our expert chiropractors shine in this area. We focus on finding the root of the pain for our patients and not just on treating the presenting symptoms. Our doctors ask insightful questions and listen to the answers. They are trained and complete continuing education to spot sciatica and diagnose it correctly.

Chiropractic Adjustments / Manipulations for Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

After proper diagnosis, our expert team of doctors will ensure proper skeletal alignment to reduce the stress and pressure on the sciatic nerve. By relieving this pressure on the nerve, swelling can begin to decrease in the nerves and discs and the area can begin the healing process.

Dolphin Neurostim for Sciatica Pain Relief

While dolphin neurostim does not involve actual time spent with these lovely sea mammals, it’s still just as amazing for chiropractors. Our doctors use neurostims to target specific neurological points using the same naturally occurring direct current found in the human body. This helps normalize the nervous system, helps muscles relax, relieves pain, and helps patients heal faster.

Chiropractic Massage for Sciatica Pain Relief

The final step in our chiropractic treatment of sciatica is soft tissue massage. Our chiropractors in Erie and Longmont have found that utilizing soft tissue massage combined with chiropractic adjustments and Dolphin Neurostim helps the body release oxygen and blood flow to the afflicted areas. This soft tissue work relaxes the muscles and helps them re-learn the correct position of the structural areas of the body that have been corrected. By combining soft tissue work with the adjustments and neurostim treatment our patients experience relief sooner and hold their adjustments longer than through chiropractic adjustments alone.


Many Americans suffer from sciatica daily. Our skilled chiropractors successfully provide sciatica pain relief through our proven treatment process to fix the root issue of the pain, starting with alignment of the vertebra, progressing to nerve treatment for pain relief, and finally teaching the muscles to help hold that proper alignment. Through proper diagnosis, adjustments, neurostim, and soft tissue massage our patients experience quick, long-lasting relief. If you’re interested in learning more about how chiropractic can help treat sciatica naturally in Erie or Longmont, schedule your consultation for treatment today. We are dedicated to being the best chiropractor serving Erie, Longmont, and the surrounding areas. Contact us online or give us a call at 303-828-3000 or 303-772-1950.

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