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Can Chiropractic Services Treat Headaches?

Migraine and Headache Chiropractic Treatment

About 95% of headaches are due to tension, migraine and cluster headaches.  This means that chiropractic care offers the best solution for headache treatment.

Sure, you can take over-the-counter or prescription medications but, they only mask the pain which means you are not getting to the root of the problem and risking the side effects of the medications. An analogy I like to use is the following; if your warning lights on your dashboard light up, they are letting you know that there is a problem with the vehicle. The headache is there to let you know that there is a problem that needs addressing. If you cover the light on your dashboard with black tape, the issue is still there. If you cover your headache symptoms with medication, the issue is still there. Your head isn’t hurting because of an aspirin deficiency.

The chiropractic approach in our office will assess many different facets. To begin we will look at your health history looking for clues. Your structural alignment will be assessed and if something in the neck and possibly upper back is misaligned, your nerves and muscles can be affected resulting in headaches. Bones out of alignment can result in pinching of nerves and tension in the musculature around the problem area as the muscles try and protect the area from further insult. Besides having tension at the base of the skull, you can end up with trigger points in some of the upper back muscles which radiate pain up into the head.

Treatment of the above condition is addressed from multiple angles in our clinic. Adjusting, manipulating or correction of the misaligned vertebra will reduce pressure on the nerves. After the adjustment you will receive Neurostim Therapy which will sedate or calm the nerves in the area. Third, we will use soft tissue techniques which I have called ‘Soft Tissue Balancing.’ A typical headache sufferer will experience quick relief from symptoms, many times before getting off of the table.

Other areas that will be assessed that can be contributing to your headaches are ergonomics (from work, sleep, driving posture to lifting, bending and cell phone use can be discussed), diet (allergies, foods and drinks that can cause headaches), water and fluid intake (too little water can result in headaches due to toxin build-up; without adequate fluid intake your body can’t flush out waste products efficiently), allergies, environmental toxins and so on may need to be discussed.  If your personal scenario doesn’t fit into our treatment protocol, we will be happy to help you look for the proper referral.

Corrective treatments as stated above are aimed at teaching your body to hold the proper pattern and balance and stabilizing you there. Many of our chronic headache sufferers no longer experience headaches due to our headache treatment approach.

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