Can Going to a Chiropractor Make You Taller?

Can Going to a Chiropractor Make You Taller?

Chiropractic adjustments can do many incredible things to the spine. It can help alleviate pain, improve flexibility, decrease inflammation, and reduce stress. However, there’s a question that many people ask surrounding chiropractic adjustment. Can going to a chiropractor make you taller? The answer is more nuanced than you may think. Luckily, the experts at the Chiropractic Center of Erie and the Chiropractic Center of Longmont know the ins and outs of everything a chiropractic adjustment can do. Albeit, chiropractic adjustments are only half of the conversation. The other half is some of the factors that can affect height.

Things that can Affect Height

Height is more complicated than most people initially assume. There are several things that can affect how tall someone looks. One of the factors of height is how your spine compresses. Over time, the spine naturally compresses slightly due to everyday life and the effects of gravity. That compression can slowly, but surely, take some of the height off of your frame. If you have ever wondered if Grandma or Grandpa is getting shorter; disc degeneration occurs with age as the discs lose fluid and shrink.  A person can lose up to 1/3 of the height of their spine due to this effect as the discs dry out. One of the other major factors of height is posture. Slouching and hunching can both make anyone look far shorter than they actually are. With these factors combined, it’s normal to seem like you’ve lost a few inches. But how can going to a chiropractor make you taller?

Can Going to a Chiropractor Make You Taller?

Many people are familiar with chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractors manipulate your spine and the soft tissues around it to realign the joints in your spinal column. This helps improve overall bodily health by adjusting the musculoskeletal system to its right position as well as aligning your nervous system.  Proper movement in the individual joints of the spine, especially in the elderly, can help the disc ‘imbibe’ or pull fluid back into the disc and this may also help make you taller. The chiropractic adjustment will decompress your spine, ironing out the vertebrae and extending your spine to its ideal length. In addition, after a chiropractic adjustment, it’s common to have improved posture which will also make you seem taller. In fact, right after a chiropractic adjustment, it can seem like you’ve grown up to two inches!


Chiropractic adjustments alleviate chronic pain, improve flexibility, decrease inflammation, and reduce stress. They can give the illusion of making someone taller by decompressing the spine and fixing posture. Adjustments also help restore disc health and open more space between segments of the spine.  If you’re interested in seeing a chiropractor or even in a chiropractic adjustment visit us at one of our offices, in Erie or in Longmont. The Chiropractic Center of Erie and Chiropractic Center of Longmont treat the body holistically with our award-winning treatment process, in fact, we have been voted “Best of the West” eleven times and our aim is to help your body achieve and maintain optimal performance.

We specialize in treating patients suffering from spinal pain and many other maladies and have helped several patients find relief without the need for surgery. If you’d like to learn more about chiropractic care in Longmont or Erie or have questions about what to expect during your first chiropractor visit in Erie or Longmont, call our offices today at 303-828-3000 or 303-772-1950!

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