Chiropractic Center of Erie: 303-828-3000
Chiropractic Center of Longmont: 303-772-1950

Sherry is a highly skilled massage therapist with over 5 years of experience. In 2014, she graduated on the
Dean’s List from The Institute Of Business And Medical Careers College. Her specialties are
Neuromuscular Technique (active and passive muscle releases), Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish
Massage, Certified in the Authe Method (forearm massage technique), and she has recently been certified
in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Technique (Vodder Method) through Klose Training.
She is especially passionate about working with people who have pain disorders like MS, Fibromyalgia,
those suffering from headaches and/or migraines, ROM (range-of-motion) issues, and chronic swelling.
Overall, Sherry enjoys working with people ranging from youth on up with a variety of needs from pain
to performance.
Ever since she was a baby, Sherry has received both massage therapy and chiropractic care for various
issues and general wellness. The therapies have been life changing and have inspired her to be the best
through the healing touch of massage therapy. Pain no longer holds her back, thanks to the relief massage
therapy and chiropractic care has given her.
In her free time, Sherry enjoys hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, fishing, art, and spending quality time
with friends and family.