Our Philosophy

Getting you healthy and free of pain as quickly as possible is at the root of everything we do.

Our Chiropractic Treatment Approach We offer a 3-Phase Approach that has repeatedly proven to accomplish that goal by; 1. Chiropractic adjustments to correct misalignment and open nerve pathways; 2. Deep tissue massage to train your muscles to maintain this proper skeletal alignment; 3. Dolphin Neurostim to calm and sedate irritated nerves in associated areas.

How we treat you:

Since every critical joint in your body is held in place by soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, and tendons), if you have an adjustment without also addressing SOFT TISSUE BALANCE, your joints will simply be pulled out of alignment again. Much like getting braces on crooked teeth. You can straighten the teeth in a remarkably short amount of time, but you cannot remove the braces until the soft tissue has adapted to the straightening and will allow the teeth to remain in their proper position. Your body follows the same rules. By training the soft tissues to hold the proper pattern using Soft Tissue Work and Dolphin Neurostim, our chiropractic treatment process can reduce the number of treatments you need by over 60% and get you back on the road to good health much more quickly.

What is treatable:

An amazing number of health issues can be traced back to improper skeletal alignment – and most often spinal alignment. Your brain is connected via your spinal column to every system in your body and if any of those nerves emerging from the spinal column are pinched or put under pressure due to improper alignment, symptoms could pop up anywhere in your body. Because of this, Chiropractic care has a direct impact on every part of your body. While not every ailment is a result of alignment issues, a surprising number are and we always recommend that new issues be investigated by a Dr. of Chiropractic as part of your diagnosis plan.

Specific Combinations of Unique Treatments

There are many other therapies out there and, while Dr. Ehrmantraut has experimented with many of them, the only one he has found to offer proven results in nearly every patient is the specific combination of Adjustment, Deep Tissue Balancing and Dolphin Neurostim. We have accomplished amazing results with our specific chiropractic treatment process, and we invite you to come see how we can help you be what you were made to be.

Dr. Ehrmantraut

“I only want to care for patients using techniques and procedures that can be counted on time and again. I want the best results in the shortest possible time.”